How are Dahlias planted from seed?


Dahlias planted from seed

To plant dahlias from seeds, have you ever attempted? Although dahlias are often produced from tubers, they may also be started from seed. The vast majority of my dahlias Dahlias planted from seed come from tubers. Growing dahlias from seed, however, is a joyful and thrilling experiment that I highly recommend.

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Discover the Secrets of Growing Stunning Dahlias from Seed #2 What makes planting seeds different from planting tubers?
Here are the first three steps to planting your own dahlia seeds and watching them develop.
Fourth, can you describe the appearance of dahlia seedlings?
Where can I acquire dahlia flower seeds?
There are six prime times to sow dahlia seeds.

Growing Dahlias From Seeds

  • 7.1.1 When starting dahlias from seed, paper towels may be used for the germination process.
  • 7.2 Seeding dahlias in seed trays with fluorescent grow lights
  • When You Should Transplant Your Dahlia Seedlings
  • When do dahlia seeds typically flower?
  • Does anybody know whether dahlia seeds will grow into tubers?
  • The dahlia seeds are ready to be planted, and you have reached the tenth readiness level.

To what extent does starting dahlias from seed vary from starting them from tubers?

The process of cultivating dahlias from tubers is significantly unlike than that of cultivating them from seed. No two dahlias grown from seed will ever look exactly alike. Yes, you heard it right; when you plant dahlia flower seeds and nurture them into bloom, you give rise to a whole new and unique species of dahlia. In contrast, dahlia tubers may be planted and will produce clones of the original plant.

The genetic composition of dahlia flower seeds comes from both of the seed parent and the bees that pollinate the flowers. Sure enough, the pollinating efforts of bees and other insects in your garden have a significant impact on the final flower form produced by your dahlia seeds. Pollen from one dahlia plant is transferred to the next by bees, altering the genetic makeup of the next generation of dahlia plants. Single or semi-double flowers with an open center may be expected from the majority of dahlia seeds.

Amazing dahlia breeders such as Santa Cruz Dahlias’ Kristine Albrecht exist

Kristine is devoted to developing seed-grown hybrid dahlias. Check out Kristine’s book on dahlia breeding if you want to know more about the subject.

Learn how to start your own dahlia garden from seeds with these easy-to-follow instructions!

Growing dahlias from seed is an option worth considering for a number of reasons. When compared to buying 10 or even 5 dahlia tubers, growing dahlias from seed is a considerably more cost-effective option. A package of dahlia seeds typically contains 25-50 seeds and costs less than $5. The price of a single, high-quality dahlia tuber ranges from $5.00-$25.00.

Growing dahlias from seed also provides the thrill of the unexpected. Seeing a plant develop from a seedling is fascinating. As the days pass, you’ll be antsy to see what your dahlias will look like in terms of color, form, and size. It’s very cool that you’re cultivating a plant that no one else has!

What do the seeds of a dahlia look like?

The seeds of a dahlia flower may be found inside of a mature seed pod. The dahlia seeds are enclosed inside the pods. In general, dahlia seeds are not collected by home gardeners. If you want to start your own dahlia garden, you’ll notice that the seeds are paper-thin, black, and less than half an inch long.

A handful of dahlia seeds resembles this:

How can I get dahlia flower seeds?

Here are a few suggestions on where to get good dahlia seed packages if you wish to start your own dahlia garden from scratch:

In 2020, I want to use the Bee’s Choice Mix from Floret Flowers to cultivate a beautiful crop of dahlias.

There is a Bee’s Choice Mix of dahlia seeds available from Floret Flowers. Last year, I cultivated dahlias from this seed package, and the resulting flower patch was a veritable bee paradise. Different sized and shaped blooms may be expected from this dahlia blend. These dahlias will mostly be single-bloom varieties with open centers.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds has dahlia seeds, and they have something called a Giant Hybrid Mix. This year in my trial garden I will be planting dahlia seeds from Johnny’s Dahlias. These dahlia seeds are meant to grow into a variety of double, semidouble, and single flowers between 3 and 5 inches in size.

The best time to sow dahlia seeds

It’s best to start dahlias inside around 6-8 weeks before your final frost date. Here you may determine the last frost date for your growing zone in case you are unaware of this important detail. This will allow the dahlia seeds to germinate and mature to a size where they can be transplanted outdoors. All risk of frost should have gone before you take your dahlia seedlings outdoors.

Growing Dahlias From Seeds

You should begin your dahlia seeds inside after you’ve made the decision to grow them from seed. Plant seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before the latest expected frost. By starting them early, you’ll have time to nurture them to full bloom by summer. The time it takes for seeds to germinate and bloom is between 100–120 days.

The seeds of dahlias may be sown in a number of different methods. Using paper towels is the first step in the process of getting your dahlia seeds to sprout. Direct seeding into cell plugs is the other technique.

  • Planting dahlia seeds that were started on moist paper towels.
  • When starting dahlias from seed, paper towels may be used for the germination process.
  • Dahlia seeds were laid out neatly on a damp paper towel by my 6-year-old garden assistant.

To begin the first approach

Take two damp paper towels and lay the dahlia seeds flat on one of them. In this case, the dahlia seeds should be covered with another paper towel. Get a zip top bag and stuff it with the paper towels and seeds. Place the flattened plastic bag on the shelf above your fridge. Ignore the seeds for three to five days. After then, you should begin checking the bag regularly for germination. Plant the seedlings gently on a seed tray after they have emerged from their pots. Put the seedling tray in the area with the grow lights.

On 1-22, these dahlia seeds were put into a zip lock bag with some damp paper towels. To encourage faster germination, the bag was put on the top of the refrigerator.
Seeds for dahlias being planted in seed trays and nurtured under grow lights.

Seedlings may also be planted straight into seed trays. Introduce seed starting mix to your trays. Make a little slit in the seed pods. Insert a dahlia seed into each individual seed holder. Place a transparent plastic dome over the seed tray and water the bottom. As a grow-op veteran, I know that a heat pad and some grow lights are essential for a successful seed-starting experience. Because of this, the soil will be at the proper temperature for seed germination. In 3-5 days, you should see your seeds sprout.

My daughter, at age 6, was assisting me with preparing a 72-cell plug flat for planting dahlia seeds.

This winter, I tried germinating dahlia seeds in a heated greenhouse and in a cold frame to test which approach was more successful. Actually, I discovered that both approaches resulted in sprouting dahlia seeds in roughly the same period of time. However, initially higher growth was seen in seeds planted under grow lights in the cell plug flats. Both methods produced almost identical results within a week after being planted in cell plugs.

Dates for Transplanting Dahlia Seedlings

As soon as the dahlia seedlings have developed genuine leaves, it is time to move them to bigger pots. Keep this in mind to prevent root entanglement in your dahlias. Until the risk of frost has gone, keep your dahlia plants inside (or in a heated greenhouse). The risk of frost has gone, so you may plant your dahlias outside.

Direct sowing dahlia seeds into the garden is an option if you reside in a warmer climate with a longer growth season. Soil temperatures must be between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit for this strategy to be viable. You should also check that the frosty weather is over.

Approximately how long until I see flowers from my dahlia seeds?

Waiting for your dahlia seeds to germinate and grow into beautiful blooms might seem like an eternity at times. Blooming time for dahlia seeds is typically about 100–120 days. The first dahlia blooms, depending on when you planted the seeds, might appear around mid-July.

Can I expect tubers to grow from dahlia seeds?

Your dahlia seeds will mature into usable tubers by the end of the growing season, allowing you to store them for the following year. The flowers grown from these dahlia tubers will be carbon copies of each other. Grow more beautiful blooms next year by starting your own dahlia seeds. If you need help taking down and storing your dahlias for the winter, check out the lessons I posted on my site.

Collecting the dahlia tubers at the end of the season results in a clump.

Every year, I go through the dahlia seeds I planted and determine which ones to preserve and which ones to reject. I started 75 dahlia plants from seeds last year, but only ended up saving 5. This winter, I put away five clumps of dahlias to replant in the spring. If these plants bloom well next year, I’ll be able to give them a name and add them as a new dahlia variety to my collection.

Are you prepared to establish a dahlia garden from seed?

Did you get any ideas for cultivating your own dahlias from seeds? Starting plants from seed is a really satisfying process. Growing dahlias from seeds may also help you save a lot of money. What’s more, it’s really cool that you may cultivate dahlia variations in your own cut flower garden that are unique from any others in the globe.

I’m hoping you’ll give planting dahlias from seed a try after reading this piece. I’m really interested in hearing how your dahlia seedlings do if you decide to attempt growing them. Moreover, save this page on Pinterest by using the “PIN IT” button.


It is not necessary to soak dahlia seeds before planting. The seeds will germinate more quickly thanks to the warm, wet environment created by watering them in after planting. It is not necessary to soak the seeds before planting since they will germinate soon. Pre-sowing stratification in a cool, wet environment improves seed germination rates. Put seeds in a container of wet potting soil or sand, then put them in the fridge for four to six weeks to undergo cold stratification. After the risk of frost has gone, either plant the seeds inside in pots or outside directly.

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